Danny Green Never Took Statistics

Such Is Life

If you’ve watched any of the NBA Finals so far, you’ve seen San Antonio Spurs guard Danny Green making a 3-pointer. In less than five games, Green has broken then-Celtics now-Heat sharpshooter Ray Allen’s record for most made 3s in a single Finals. As impressive as that volume is, what’s been more absurd is Green’s accuracy. Allen set his record by shooting a red-hot 22-42 (52%) over six games. Green has made three more shots on four less attempts, putting him at 25-38 (66%). Frankly, it’s a miracle he hasn’t burst into NBA Jam style flames.

Not even digital Rodman will go near that.

After sufficiently extolling Green’s performance, I started to wonder how improbable it really was. After all, Green was one of the most accurate long-range shooters in the NBA this season, and 38 shots isn’t a huge sample size. Furthermore, as Grantland’s Kirk Goldsberry informs us

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